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ClickEinstein is a simple tool for creating fun quizzes for students to respond to in real-time. The analytics received from these quizzes provide teachers with insights on learning patterns in their classroom. Teachers get a clear view of whether or not they need to re-educate students on a key topic, or move on to the next one. Great teachers know how important engagement is to the learning process. ClickEinstein's mission is to help student's succeed, in real-time! And best of all it's free forever.

How it works

Why your classroom needs Clickeinstein?

  • Create different types of quizzes easily

  • Publish quizzes to classes of up to 200 students

  • Get instant insights and feedback about the topic discussed in class.

  • Promote active and engaged learning amongst every student in the classroom

  • Improve your Eco-Footprint,
    eliminate paper

  • Use Analytics to help students succeed. Conduct discussions and experiment with new teaching methods

  • Save your questions for future quizzes and exams

  • Use industry-leading analytics to improve class performance

  • Enjoy convenient access from computers, smartphones and tablets

  • Students live on their smartphones. Reach them where they live

Did we tell you, this product is not based on assumptions but backed by solid research?

  • In a traditional classroom environment, students retain only 25 percent of the subject matter being taught. In active classroom environment, retention can be as high as 75 percent.

  • The attention span of most students is typically 10-15 minutes. Fun quizzes serve as a refreshing in-class "break", before moving onto on to the next topic.

  • The response rate with clickers is much higher than the traditional hand raising method. A smartphone quiz enables everyone to participate.

  • A study conducted on 942 students demonstrated that those who participated in smartphone quizzes improved their performance by 6 percent relative to their peers.

Do what is best for your students, get ClickEinstein now !!!

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